Walking Pale
As part of Dublin Dance Festival's Embodied for GPO: Witness History Commission

Exploring rebellion and failure, Walking Pale investigates the idea of the 'radical female’ and how women are perceived in Ireland. This sits alongside the concept of new Ireland - of what the country represents now, and what it was expected to be. Walking Pale originally performed in The GPO's Lightwell as part of Embodied with five female choreographers in April 2016 to commemorate the Easter Rising centenary.

Concept and choreography: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy
Performers: Olwen Fouéré, Raymond Scannell
Composition: Raymond Scannell
Lighting Design: Sinead McKenna

'Choreographers Megan and Jessica Kennedy collaborate with the formidable Olwen Fouéré to craft a simple, yet profoundly moving piece. Here the privileged position of the silent spectator is called into question as they look down from above on the warrior like Fouéré, like some gladiatorial Sisyphus trapped in her cage, greasing her shoulders before dragging her spoon laden cloak endlessly through the gravel... Stunning.' Examiner *****

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