Powerful Trouble at Dublin Theatre Festival 2023

A highly visual live performance installation from renowned dance innovators Junk Ensemble in collaboration with acclaimed artists Jesse Jones, Olwen Fouéré, Aideen Barry, Vicky Langan, Planningtorock, and Katie Kim. Created for six dancers and a percussionist, this immersive promenade spectacle in the RHA is a celebration of the witch as a symbol of dissidence. Powerful Trouble is a disturbance – a collision of artists’ interrogations marked by muscular choreography, euphoric beats, visceral imagery and a live band.

”Junk Ensemble has created some of the most impressive contemporary dance in Ireland“
— The Sunday Times

Where: RHA Gallery, Dublin

When: 11 October at 5:30pm & 8:30pm (Previews)

12 - 14 October at 5:30pm & 8:30pm

15 October at 4pm & 7pm

90 mins approx, no interval


Conceived and Directed by Jessica Kennedy and Megan Kennedy
Choreography in collaboration with dance artists Salma Ataya, Robyn Byrne, Justine Cooper, Lucia Kickham, Julie Koenig, Yumi Lee
Collaborating Artists: Aideen Barry, Olwen Fouéré, Jesse Jones, Vicky Langan, Planningtorock
Scenography and Lighting Design: Sarah Jane Shiels
Music and Sound Design: Irene Buckley
Costume Design: Katie Davenport
Costume Supervisor: James Seaver
Musician and Percussion Composition: Caitríona Frost
Additional Composition: Planningtorock
Band: Katie Kim
Stage Manager: Miriam Duffy
Production Management: ShowScope
Associate Producer: Michelle Cahill
Producer: Gwen Van Spÿk

Funded by the Arts Council | An Chomhairle Ealaíon Open Call Award

Supported by Dance Ireland

This is a standing promenade performance and the audience will be led through the space by the performers.


Photo credit: Fionn McCann

Dances Like a Bomb to Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023 

Dances Like a Bomb recently returned from performing at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023 in August as part of Culture Ireland's showcase.

Where: ZOO Venues Southside, 117 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh

When: 15 - 27 August at 2:40pm, no show Mon 21 August


A powerful, uplifting duet exploring ageing and care, blending visceral imagery, dance and music.

Celebrating the strength of mature bodies and challenging the cult of youth, the show is a reclaiming of the ageing body created by dance-theatre innovators Junk Ensemble. Featuring acclaimed actor Mikel Murfi and leading dance artist Finola Cronin (formerly of Pina Bausch's Tanztheater Wuppertal) the performers are heroic, vulnerable, comedic, and completely themselves in the work. They care fiercely for each other and defend their independence. As they hold each other up and push each other down, the 'performance' of age is unpacked as a reminder of ourselves: our worst and our best.

Funded by Culture Ireland

Original production funded by The Arts Council of Ireland | An Chomhairle Ealaíon Arts Grant Fund and Dublin City Council and supported by Mermaid Arts Centre, Dance Ireland and Shawbrook Dance

RITUAL at Cork Midsummer Festival 2023

Highly visual live performance installation from multi-award-winning dance innovators Junk Ensemble in collaboration with acclaimed visual artists Jesse Jones and Aideen Barry. Also featuring music artist Planningtorock, composer Irene Buckley and designers Sarah Jane Shiels and Katie Davenport, Junk Ensemble offers an immersive new spectacle for audiences.

Led by dancers and musicians, audiences will move promenade-style through the atmospheric Marina Market warehouse and experience a collision of artists’ responses, interrogations, and radical celebrations of the witch as a symbol of dissidence. Merging visceral movement, striking visuals and live sound, RITUAL is a disturbance, a happening, an unveiling of an experiment unique to Cork Midsummer Festival.

When: 14 - 17 June, 8:30pm
Where: Marina Market Warehouse, Cork City
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Creation and Direction: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy
Choreography created in collaboration with dancers
Dance Artists: Salma Ataya, Lucia Kickham, Julie Koenig
Collaborating Artists: Aideen Barry, Jesse Jones, Planningtorock
Musician and Improvisor: Caitríona Frost
Music: Irene Buckley
Lighting Design & Scenography: Sarah Jane Shiels
Costume Design: Katie Davenport
Costume Assistant: James Seaver
Additional composition: Planningtorock

Stage Manager: Miriam Duffy
Assistant Stage Manager: Muireann Ní Raghallaigh
Head Carpenter: Mark Fennell
Chief LX: Sarah Timmins
Production Audio: Daragh Murphy
Audio Engineer: Cormac O’Connor
Riggers: Emerald Isle Rigging
Production Manager: Brendan McLoughlin

Associate Producer: Michelle Cahill

Producer: Gwen Van Spÿk

Funded by The Arts Council | An Chomhairle Ealaíon

Supported by Dance Ireland

Winner Best Film for In Velvet

In Velvet has been awarded Best Film at Dance On Screen Film Festival 2022 in Austria and Best Dance Film at Still Voices Film Festival 2022 in Ireland. Trailer below.

Dances Like a Bomb Tour Dates 2022

Dances Like a Bomb will perform at Dance Limerick and Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray in December 2022.

Where: Dance Limerick 

When: Thursday 8 December, 8pm


Where: Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray

When: Wednesday 14 December, 7:30pm


Funded by The Arts Council of Ireland | An Chomhairle Ealaíon and Dublin City Council. Supported by Mermaid Arts Centre, Dance Ireland and Shawbrook Dance.

The Cold Sings at Dublin Theatre Festival 2022

The Cold Sings explores themes of female identity and mental health, drawing from Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar, her poetry and personal letters. The work captures our struggle with the inner self, our private strengths and societal entrapment through Plath’s personal mythology.

Mirroring the many selves of Plath, The Cold Sings blends dance, text, music and a 1950s setting into an intimate, visceral experience for the audience. Performed by an exceptional cast of Irish and international dancers, singers and musicians and created by multi-award-winning dance innovators.

Location: The Depot @ The Complex, Dublin

Dates: 5 - 9 October 2022


Direction and Creation Jessica Kennedy and Megan Kennedy

Choreography Jessica Kennedy and Megan Kennedy, in collaboration with the cast

Performers Walé Adebusuyi, Robyn Byrne, Kevin Coquelard, Lucia Kickham, Julie Koenig, Sean X

Scenography Valerie Reid

Dramaturgy and Collaboration Jo Timmins

Music and Sound Design Denis Clohessy

Lighting Design Sarah Jane Shiels

Costume Design Sarah Bacon

Costume Assistant Laura Fajardo Castro

Musicians Mary Barnecutt, Caitriona Frost, Katerina Speranskaya

Song Lyrics Dennis Kennedy, John Dryden (The Cold Song by Henry Purcell)

Vocal Coach Danny Forde

Stage Manager Jennifer Aust

Assistant Stage Manager Liusaidh Hopper

Production Managers Adam Nolan and Baz O’Donovan

Line Producer Michelle Cahill

Producer Gwen Van Spÿk

Photography Fionn McCann

Contains loud music and potential reference to self-harm.

Funded by The Arts Council | An Chomhairle Ealaíon Arts Grant Fund. Supported by Dance Ireland.

Crossing Skin at Cairde Sligo Arts Festival 2022

Commissioned by Cairde Sligo Arts Festival, Crossing Skin is an immersive live dance installation examining the myth of the selkie and our conflicted connection to the sea. Working with an acclaimed creative team, this intimate performance combines live music, dance and a stunning visual design which explores themes of abandonment and our fascination and abuse of the sea.

Location: The Factory Performance Space, Sligo

Dates: 1 - 3 July 2022


Creation and Direction: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy

Choreography created in collaboration with the performer

Performer: Stephanie Dufresne

Visual and Costume Design: Sabine Dargent

Lighting Design: Stephen Dodd

Live Music & Composition: Ray Scannell

Costume Maker: Amanda Donovan

Producer: Tara McGovern

Production Manager and Prop Maker: Barry McKinney

Stage Manager: Miriam Duffy

Sound Engineer: Jack Cawley

Photography: Luca Truffarelli and Peter Martin

Videography: Peter Martin

Supported by Blue Raincoat Theatre Company through generous use of their venue, The Factory Performance Space

Supported by Rua Red where Junk Ensemble are Dance Artists-in-Residence

Dances Like a Bomb at Dublin Dance Festival 2022

Where: Project Arts Centre, Space Upstairs

When: Wed 25 & Thu 26 May, 7:30pm


Dances Like a Bomb is the latest work by multi-award-winning dance innovators Junk Ensemble, performed by acclaimed actor Mikel Murfi and leading Irish dance artist Finola Cronin (former Pina Bausch company). 

Celebrating the strength and beauty of mature bodies and challenging the cult of youth, the performers are heroic, vulnerable, comedic, acerbic, and completely themselves. They care fiercely for each other and defend their independence. As they hold each other up and push each other down, the universality of ageing and the ‘performance’ of age is unpacked, alongside the limits of love and care. Blending visceral imagery, dance, text and music, Dances Like a Bomb is a reclaiming of the ageing body.

Created and Directed by: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy
Choreography created in collaboration with the cast
Performers: Finola Cronin, Mikel Murfi
Set Design: Sabine Dargent
Music: Denis Clohessy
Lighting Design: Stephen Dodd
Costume Design: Saileóg O'Halloran
Text: Finola Cronin, Mikel Murfi
Voice Coach: Andrea Ainsworth
Set Construction: Ger Clancy
Stage Managers: Marella Boschi, Lora Hartin
Production Manager: Simon Bird
Chief LX: Eoin Lennon
Costume Assistant: May Leahy
Set Dressing: Saoirse O'Shea
Producer: Gwen Van Spÿk
Assistant Producer: Michelle Cahill
Producer Support: Sophie Coote

Supported by Mermaid Arts Centre, Dance Ireland and Shawbrook Dance. Funded by The Arts Council of Ireland | An Chomhairle Ealaíon Arts Grant Fund and Dublin City Council.

The Misunderstanding of Myrrha at Dublin Dance Festival Winter Edition 2021

Dates: 2+3 November at 7:30pm

Location: O'Reilly Theatre, Belvedere College, Dublin 1

Booking here

Award-winning dance innovators Junk Ensemble collaborate with acclaimed visual artist Alice Maher to present the long-awaited premiere of The Misunderstanding of Myrrha, a solo dance work that reawakens and reimagines an ancient Greek tale.

Myrrha, cursed by Aphrodite to fall in love with her own father, soon falls pregnant with his child. To escape his wrath, Myrrha flees Arabia and begs the gods to take pity on her. Her prayers left unanswered by the gods, she is transformed into a myrrh tree, her tears of shame and sadness

forming the resin that seeps from the tree’s bark.

In this bold retelling of the tale, Myrrha’s plight is told through her own, once-muted voice, and cycles through the trauma of her curse, the acceptance of her fate, and the rebirth of hope. Presented through intricate choreography, text, music and stunning visual design, Myrrha’s existence becomes a thing of beauty as she spits out her fate and declares herself new a being; beyond woman, man or tree.

Creation: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy, Alice Maher

Direction and Choreography: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy. Choreography created in collaboration with the performer.

Performer: Julie Koenig

Scenography and Costume Design: Alice Maher

Lighting Design: Stephen Dodd

Composition: Denis Clohessy

Headpiece: Artfx Ltd

Costume: Sarah Foley

Producer: Gwen Van Spÿk

Assistant Producers: Michelle Cahill & Sophie Coote

Production Managers Barry O Donovan & Nic Ree

Production Photography: Luca Truffarelli

Publicity Images: Fionn MCann

Chief LX Team: John Gunning & Faith Boucher

Sound Engineer: James Blake

Stage Manager: Fiona Keller

Commissioned by Dublin Dance Festival and supported by Mermaid Arts Centre, Dance Ireland, Project Arts Centre and Shawbrook Dance. Funded by The Arts Council of Ireland | An Chomhairle Ealaíon Arts Grant Fund and Dublin City Council.

The Veiled Ones at Dublin Fringe Festival 2021

The Veiled Ones is the latest dance theatre production from Junk Ensemble. Loosely informed by Roald Dahl’s The Witches, The Veiled Ones explores witches, transformations, misconceptions and the powerful relationship between a grandparent and grandchild.

The audience are invited on an intriguing journey to intricately designed rooms with a cast of internationally acclaimed dancers Kévin Coquelard, Finola Cronin, Miguel do Vale and Rocio Dominguez; live music from Bryan O'Connell and Lioba Petrie, and a local young cast for each iteration of the production.

The Veiled Ones will premiere in September as part of Dublin Fringe Festival 2021: Superflux edition and will then be appearing in October at Baboró International Arts Festival For Children.


Created and directed by Jessica Kennedy and Megan Kennedy

Choreography created in collaboration with the cast

Performers: Kévin Coquelard, Finola Cronin, Miguel do Vale, Rocio Dominguez

Young performers (Dublin): Joya Hobson, Priya Hobson

Musicians: Bryan O'Connell, Lioba Petrie

Scenography: Valerie Reid

Composer: Die Hexen

Lighting Design: Sarah Jane Shiels

Dramaturgy: Jo Timmins

Costume Design: Deirdre Dwyer

Additional Composition: Bryan O’Connell, Lioba Petrie

Costume design for Veils section by visual artist Fiona Finnegan, adapted from an earlier development period

Produced by Gwen Van Spÿk

Line Producer: Michele Cahill

Production Manager: Anthony Hanley

Stage Manager: Fiona Keller

Props made by Eimer Murphy and Adam O'Connell of the Abbey Prop Department and Kirsty Ryan

The Veiled Ones is funded by The Arts Council of Ireland | An Chomhairle Ealaion Arts Grant Fund and Dublin City Council and supported by Dance Ireland and has been co-commissioned for Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture by the TRACKS Network, a co-commissioning network of festivals comprising of Baboró International Arts Festival for Children, Cork Midsummer Festival and Dublin Fringe Festival.

A Different Wolf at Cork Opera House, Cork Midsummer Festival 2019

What is the wolf at your door?
‘Fear isn't so difficult to understand. Nothing has changed since Little Red Riding Hood faced the big bad wolf. It's just a different wolf.’ Alfred Hitchcock
A Different Wolf is a new dance opera created by multi-award winning Junk Ensemble and innovative music-theatre company Dumbworld (Belfast). The production is a poignant exploration of fear, where in a complex and uneasy world we all live with our own form of wolf. A Different Wolf blends visceral movement, text and exquisite song to create a powerful visual & sonic experience for the audience. 
Personal testimonies from different communities in Cork give voice to contemporary representations of the wolf as varied as the bank man, loneliness, the world ending and a car not starting. An exceptional cast of four dancers, three singers, six musicians and a 100-strong choir perform in the production. 

A Different Wolf teaser from Junk Ensemble on Vimeo.

When: Sunday 16 June 8pm, Monday 17 June 3pm & 8pm
Where: Cork Opera House, Emmet Place, Cork as part of Cork Midsummer Festival 2019
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Conceived by: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy, John McIlduff, Brian Irvine
Created and Directed by: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy, John Mcllduff
Choreography: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy in collaboration with the cast
Composers: Brian Irvine, James Joys
Lyrics: John Mcllduff
Set Design: Sabine Dargent
Lighting Design: Sarah Jane Shiels
Costume Design: Deirdre Dwyer
Dancers and Singers: Peter Devlin, Aoife Duffin, Stephanie Dufresne, Karl Fagerlund, Lucia Kickham, Stephen Moynihan, Amy Ní Fhearraigh
Musicians: James Joys, Michael Marshall, Declan McCarthy, Gerard Skelly, John Walsh
Choirs: Cork School of Music, Cór Gael
Producers: Gwen Van Spijk (Junk Ensemble), Susanna Lagan (Dumbworld) 
Line Producer: Michelle Cahill
Associate Producer: Rachel Bergin
Researcher: Michele O’Connor-Connolly
Production Managers: Sean Dennehy, Conor Mullan
Chief LX: Veronica Foo
Stage Manager: Barry O'Donovan
Assistant Stage Manager: Sue Crawford

Proudly supported by Arts Council of Ireland Arts Grant Fund. Presented in partnership with Cork Opera House and Cork Midsummer Festival and supported by Cork City Dance Artists-in-Residence Scheme at Firkin Crane and Dance Ireland. Junk Ensemble are Project Artists at Project Arts Centre, Dublin.

Soldier Still Irish Tour - November 2018

Soldier Still is currently touring to four venues throughout Ireland in November. A beautiful and harrowing evocation of the impact and of violence, realised through the collaboration between an international team of artists and former soldiers.

Tour Dates:
Nov 1 Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire
Nov 6 Town Hall Theatre, Galway
Nov 13+14 The Everyman, Cork
Nov 22 Dance Limerick

'Raw power and a palpable elegance ... Not to be missed' 
The Arts Review

'Junk Ensemble’s most visually focused work to date.' The Irish Times

‘Dynamic and rich contemporary contemplation of the trauma of militant violence … Powerful.' The Reviews Hub

Soldier Still - Promo show from Junk Ensemble on Vimeo.

Ancillary Events associated to Soldier Still Tour:
Library Talks with Tom Clonan
25 October, Dalkey Library 6:30 - 8pm
7 November, Galway City Library, 11:30am
14 November, Cork City Library, 1:10pm

Dance Theatre Workshops with Junk Ensemble
5 November, NUI Galway, 3 - 5pm
14 November, University College Cork, 9 - 11am
22 November, University of Limerick, 10 - 12noon

Post-show discussions are held after each performance on tour, individually chaired by a facilitator and attended by members of the company including the directors and Dr Tom Clonan.

Funded by The Arts Council / An Chomhairle Ealaíon Touring Award. Winner of Best Design Award at Dublin Fringe Festival 2017. Soldier Still was co-produced with Mermaid Arts Centre and Project Arts Centre and supported by Dance Ireland and Dance Base Edinburgh,.

The Bystander - Autumn 2018

Our new work The Bystander premiered as part of Dublin Theatre Festival 2018 at axis:Ballymun in addition to performances at Mermaid Arts Centre in October and Project Arts Centre on 9+10 November.

‘I didn’t want to get involved.' Anonymous Neighbour
The Bystander is an intriguing and adventurous production by multi-award winning dance theatre innovators Junk Ensemble. Taking its name from the bystander effect phenomenon of the murder of Kitty Genovese outside her apartment in New York City in 1964, whereby thirty-eight witnesses saw or heard the attack, yet none of them called for help, The Bystander brings to the surface some of the murkier and complex behaviours of contemporary society.

Performed by an internationally acclaimed cast and drawing on the expertise of a psychologist, The Bystander gets under the skin of how we behave as individuals and groups. What makes us help someone and what makes us simply 
stand by?

The Bystander promo from Junk Ensemble on Vimeo.

‘The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.’ Albert Einstein

Creation, Direction and Choreography: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy
In collaboration with the cast

Set Design: Sabine Dargent
Lighting Design: Zia Bergin-Holly
Costume Design: Sarah Foley
Music & Sound Design: Denis Clohessy
Dramaturgy: Feidlim Cannon

Consultant Sociologist & Collaborator: Ciaran Smyth

Performers: Steve Blount, Stephanie Dufresne, Stephen Moynihan, Tilly Webber

Additional performance dates:
Friday 12 October 
Mermaid Arts Centre, County Wicklow 
9 & 10 November Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Junk Ensemble are Project Artists, an initiative of Project Arts Centre.
This production is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland. Presented by axis
:Ballymun in association with Dublin Theatre Festival.

Call-out for Participants - Behaviour of The Body

Behaviour of the Body Workshops at Dance Ireland
Junk Ensemble invite you to work with them in a series of three workshops this summer, which will assist their research for their new work, The Bystander.

In these workshops, you will work with a psychologist and choreographers Jessica Kennedy and Megan Kennedy.
Different ‘body based phenomena’ will be explored in each session such as:
  • Spatial design of performer and spectator
  • Body/group behaviour
  • Mob mentality
  • Social dynamics in space
Dates: Sat 30 Jun & Sat 7 July & Sat 14 Jul 2018
Time: 11:00 - 14:00
Venue: DanceHouse
Admission: €10 per session, or €25 to attend all three
The workshops are open to all. There is no previous dance or performance experience required. Further information:

Man At The Door at Cork Midsummer Festival 2018

Our new production Man At The Door (Number 54) will premiere at Cork Midsummer Festival in partnership with Firkin Crane and Cork City Council. Performed in the atmospheric Sunbeam Bingo Hall in Blackpool Cork, the idea of the doppelgänger is played out, exploring themes of care and the beautiful banality of life. What happens when your double knocks on the door? How does the story of your life play out through a bingo game?
Direction and Choreography: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy
Created in collaboration with the cast

Visual and Lighting Design: Sarah Jane Shiels
Composition and Sound Design: Peter Power
Costume Design: Laura Perrem

Performers: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy, Lucia Kickham, Siobhán Ní Dhuinnín, Hugh Scannell, Luca Squillacciotti

Photography: Luca Truffarelli
Friday 15, Saturday 16, Sunday 17 June at 3pm
Friday 22, Saturday 23, Sunday 24 June at 3pm
Sunbeam Bingo Hall, Blackpool, Cork

Funded by The Arts Council’s Cork City Dance-Artists-in-Residence Scheme at Firkin Crane. Supported by Cork City Council, Firkin Crane and Sunbeam Bingo Hall.
Book here

Dolores at Dublin Dance Festival 2018

Dolores  recently premiered at Dublin Dance Festival from 8 - 13 May 2018 at Chocolate Factory in Dublin.

Inspired by Vladimir Nabokov’s visual and disturbing novel ‘Lolita’, Dolores is a powerful and uncompromising work finally told by a silenced girl. Dolores gives a voice to the neglected and traumatised child, the candy girl full of hope and the enraged woman full of fire and revenge. Performed by the acclaimed Mikel Murfi and Amanda Coogan, Irish & international dancers and musicians and exquisitely designed as an off-site piece, Dolores digs into the poetry of the novel and exposes the unsettling abuse and tragedy of a young girl through imagery, song, dance and text.

More info and booking here

DOLORES from Junk Ensemble on Vimeo.

Direction and Choreography: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy
created in collaboration with the cast
Scenography: Valerie Reid
Lighting: Sarah Jane Shiels
Music: Denis Clohessy
Costumes: Sarah Foley
Dramaturgy/Collaboration: Jo Timmins
Videography: Luca Truffarelli
Photography: Fionn McCann
Performers: Amanda Coogan, Danny Forde, Deirdre Griffin, Julie Koenig, Mikel Murfi, Conor Sheil

Dolores is funded by The Arts Council / An Chomhairle Ealaíon and commissioned by Dublin Dance Festival. Supported by Dublin City Council, Project Arts Centre, Dance Ireland, Dance City Newcastle. Junk Ensemble are Project Artists at Project Arts Centre and Cork City Dance Artists-in-Residence at Firkin Crane.

The Book and The Body Symposia, April 2018

Jessica Kennedy and Megan Kennedy of Junk Ensemble have curated a two-strand symposia entitled 'The Book and The Body' in National University of Ireland Galway and University College Dublin in April 2018, as part of Dublin Dance Festival, partnering with Dance Ireland and Live Collision Festival. This is surrounding a new Junk Ensemble dance-theatre production, an off-site work titled Dolores, which is inspired by Vladimir Nabokov’s visual and disturbing novel ‘Lolita’, and will premiere in May 2018. 

'The Book and The Body' Symposia will comprise of panel discussions, masterclasses, a viewing of an open rehearsal, roundtable discussions and international keynote speakers, and will take place at the National University of Ireland Galway: 13-14 April and University College Dublin: 20-21 April, covering themes which include: body & literature, gender & performance, sexuality and abuse, trauma & memory, how the body is represented in literature through the male perspective, and Vladimir Nabokov’s novel ‘Lolita’.

Detailed schedule and booking here

Soldier Still at Belfast Festival 2017

Soldier Still will perform at the prestigious Belfast International Arts Festival in association with The MAC on October 17 & 18 at 7:45pm. There will be a post show discussion with Professor Jay Winter after the performance on October 17.
Book tickets here

***** The Arts Review 'Raw power and palpable elegance ... Stirring, poignant ... Not to be missed ... Exquisite.'
**** The Irish Times 'Junk Ensemble’s most visually focused work to date.'
**** The Reviews Hub 'Dynamic and rich contemporary contemplation of the trauma of militant violence.'

Soldier Still - Promo show from Junk Ensemble on Vimeo.

Junk December newsletter

Junking good wishes to everyone! Catch up with our latest news and junk's busy year here

Dance Base Edinburgh Residency

Junk Ensemble are currently in residence at Dance Base in Edinburgh, researching their new show Soldier Still, to premiere in Autumn 2017. Megan and Jessica Kennedy are in development in the studio from 5 - 9 December.

Junk will teach company class on Thursday 8 December from 10 - 11:30am and lead an Artists Talk on Friday 9 December at 5pm at Dance Base.  More info 

Bird with Boy UK Tour

Bird with Boy is currently touring the United Kingdom throughout May - July 2016. Bird with Boy originally performed in the basement of Kilmainhaim Gaol for Dublin Fringe Festival 2011 (Winner Best Production) and was re-mounted in a Georgian house in Henrietta Street for Dublin Theatre Festival 2012. We have cast the six young boy dancers locally at each venue.

27 and 28 May: Castle Keep, Newcastle (Dance City) 6pm & 8pm
18 June: The Old Police Station, London 6:30pm & 8:30pm
9 and 10 July: Attenborough Centre, Brighton (South East Dance) 6:30pm & 8:30pm
13 and 14 July: South Hill Park, Bracknell 6pm & 8pm




Creators: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy, Jo Timmins
Performers: Eddie Kay, Lucia Kickham, Tilly Webber
Live Musicians/Composition: Tom Lane, Bryan O'Connell
Visual Design: Valerie Reid
Costume: Emma Downey
Photography: Luca Truffarelli

Produced by CUE in association with Sarah Trist Dance Management Agency
Supported by Culture Ireland as part of the Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme and using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

Walking Pale at Embodied (Dublin Dance Festival)

We have just completed performances of Walking Pale as part of GPO: Witness History Commission for Dublin Dance Festival's Embodied - a series of six new dance solos by female choreographers.

Walking Pale is performed by Olwen Fouéré with live music composed by Raymond Scannell. Performed in the 'Lightwell' in the GPO in April 2016, Walking Pale explores failure and rebellion and how the Irish Proclamation has failed the women of Ireland today.

Responding to the 1916 Irish Proclamation and how it resonates today, Embodied is a series of ‘physical proclamations’ by choreographers Sibéal Davitt, Jazmín Chiodi, Jessie Keenan, Junk Ensemble (Jessica Kennedy & Megan Kennedy), Liv O’Donoghue and Emma O’Kane, to be performed in the GPO. The project is directed by choreographer Liz Roche and with a exhibition by Luca Truffarelli.

Performance Dates: Wed 20 April, Thu 21 April, Fri 22 April
Times: 8.00pm, 8.45pm, 9.30pm nightly
Duration: 75 mins approx
Location: The GPO, O'Connell Street, Dublin 1

It Folds to Mayfest Bristol 2016

It Folds by Junk Ensemble and Brokentalkers will perform at Bristol Old Vic as part of Mayfest Bristol 2016, with support from Culture Ireland. It Folds premiered at The Abbey Theatre on the Peacock Stage at Tiger Dublin Fringe 2015 and was awarded Best Lighting Design for Sarah Jane Shiels (Irish Times Theatre Awards) and Best Performer for Ben Sullivan (Tiger Dublin Fringe).

Performance dates at Bristol Old Vic:
Friday 20 May at 8pm
Saturday 21 May at 8pm
Sunday 22 May at 8pm

More info and booking here

Dusk Ahead Cross-border Irish Tour

In the fading light of dusk it’s difficult to discern what is real and 
what is imagined….

Dusk Ahead
 completed its tour around Ireland in November 2015 performing in Dublin, Dun Laoghaire, Cork, Limerick and Belfast. 

Enthralling’ The Sunday Times
‘Mesmerising’ The Irish Times
'Delicately beautiful' The Irish Independent
‘Anything seemed possible in this skilfully wrought work of illusion and disenchantment’ Irish Theatre Magazine 

Tour dates:
Project Arts Centre, Dublin
Friday 6 November & Saturday 7 November at 8pm 
Book here

Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire
Tuesday 10 November at 8pm 

Book here

Firkin Crane, Cork
Friday 13 November at 8pm 

Book here

Lime Tree Theatre, Limerick
Wednesday 18 November at 8pm 

Book here

The MAC, Belfast
Monday 23 November at 8pm

Book here

Dusk Ahead is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland’s Touring & Dissemination Award and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Dance Ireland and Project Arts Centre, where junk ensemble are Project Artists.

Awards and Nominations for It Folds

It Folds received two nominations at The Irish Times Theatre Awards 2016: Best Lighting Design for Sarah Jane Shiels and Best Sound Design for Denis Clohessy. Sarah Jane Shiels was awarded Best Lighting Design for her designs for It Folds and PALS by Anu PRodutcions.

It Folds received two nominations at Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival 2015, for Best Ensemble and Best Performer Award. Ben Sullivan was awarded Best Performer or his role in It Folds.

It Folds at Tiger Dublin Fringe 2015

junk ensemble and Brokentalkers' joint production It Folds recently premiered at Tiger Dublin Fringe in September 2015 at The Abbey Theatre on the Peacock Stage.
Fusing the highly distinctive choreography of junk ensemble with the innovative theatricality of Brokentalkers, It Folds offers a poignant and humorous portrait of life in a modern city and the tragicomic events that shape our everyday lives. Featuring a cast of strangers brought together to perform a series of physical tasks, texts and songs, It Folds takes a surreal look at an assortment of characters who attempt to find a connection through their shared humanity. 

Created by: Feidlim Cannon, Gary Keegan, Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy
in collaboration with the cast

Lighting and Visual Design: Sarah Jane Shiels
Composition: Denis Clohessy
Costume Design and Design Assistant: Louise Brady
Producer: Beccy Fitzpatrick
Photography: Luca Truffarelli

Brokentalkers and junk ensemble are Project Artists, an initiative of Project Arts Centre
 ‘junk ensemble’s creativity continues to impress’ The Stage, UK
‘One of the country’s most fearless and path breaking theatre companies’
The Irish Times on Brokentalkers
Performance dates:
7 - 12 September at 7pm
Preview: Saturday 5 September at 7pm
Matinee: Saturday 12 September at 1pm
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Mind Your Step Festival 2015

Sometimes We Break, originally commissioned and performed at Tate Britain in 2012, performed in Dublin's new site dance festival Mind Your Step in the Docklands on Sunday 8 March at 12:30pm and 3pm.

Mind Your Step is a two day festival to include a symposium and walking performance. Tickets can be purchased here
Sometimes We Break is a dance and sound promenade piece that explores incompleteness and 'parts to a whole'. Leading the audience on a designed journey of movement and sound, the piece focues on things that stop working, things that are interrupted and missing parts. 
Choreography: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy
Performers: Justine Cooper, Carl Harrison, Jessica Kennedy, Tom Lane
Visual Design: Lian Bell
Composition: Tom Lane
Lighting Design: Sarah Jane Shiels

Dusk Ahead performs New York, May 2015

Dusk Ahead performed at La MaMa Moves Festival, co-presented by Irish Arts Centre and La MaMa Experimental Theatre in May 2015.

May 21 - 24
Thursday - Saturday | 8pm
Sunday | 4pm
La MaMa Experimental Theatre
Ellen Stewart Theatre
66 East 4th Street, 2nd Floor (between 2nd Ave & The Bowery) 
New York, NY
Watch the trailer here:

The Falling Song Touring

The Falling Song has completed its UK and Irish Tours.
UK TOUR 2014
An Incredibly Rare production in association with Sarah Trist Dance Management Agency

6 March 8pm
Live at LICA Lancaster University, Lancaster
01524 594151 liveatlica.org
8 March 7.30pm
Contact, Manchester M15 6JA
0161 274 0600 contactmcr.com/fallingsong
11 March 7.30pm
Laban Theatre, London SE8 3DZ
020 8305 9300 trinitylaban.ac.uk/labantheatre
13 March 7.30pm
Pavilion Dance, Bournemouth BH1 2BU
01202 203630 pdsw.org.uk
20 March 8pm
Jersey Opera House, Jersey JE2 3QR
01534 511115 jerseyoperahouse.co.uk
25 March 7.30pm
Theatre Royal, Winchester SO23 8SB
01962 840440 theatreroyalwinchester.co.uk
27 March 8pm
mac birmingham B12 9QH
0121 446 3232 macarts.co.uk
1 April 7.30pm
Dance Woking, Rhoda McGaw Theatre
Peacocks Centre, Woking GU21 6GQ
01483 737830 wokingdancefestival.co.uk

7 April 8pm
Town Hall Theatre, Galway
091 569777 tht.ie
10 April 8pm
Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin
01 231 2929 paviliontheatre.ie
12 April 8pm
Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford
051 855038 garterlane.ie
16 April 8pm
Lime Tree Theatre, Limerick
061 774774 limetreetheatre.ie

The Falling Song is supported by Arts Council England, Culture Ireland, Arts Council of Ireland Touring and Dissemination Award, RTÉ Supporting the Arts, Project Arts Centre and Dance Ireland.


Junk Ensemble is excited to announce Dance Travels, a new initiative for dance founded by five of Ireland’s leading dance organisations. 
Dance Travels exists to celebrate the art form and develop audiences both at home and abroad.
Over the coming months, the founders, CoisCéim Dance Theatre, Dance Ireland, Irish Modern Dance Theatre, junk ensemble and Liz Roche Company will work together to develop Dance Travels to serve the dance community and to build audiences for the art form.

Have a look at the new website, designed by Justine Doswell: 

Blind Runner film

Watch our short film Blind Runner here
Blind Runner was commissioned by Dance Ireland for their 21st Anniversary Programme and directed by John Mcllduff.

Dusk Ahead at Dublin Theatre Festival 2013

Dusk Ahead performed at Dublin Theatre Festival 2013 at Project Arts Centre Upstairs to excellent critical acclaim.
Performance times:
October 1st - 3rd at 6.30pm
October 4th - 6th at 6pm
You can read what the press say here

Residency at Dance City Newcastle

We are delighted to be back in residence at Dance City in Newcastle in June for research and development on Dusk Ahead. The relationship between junk and Dance City began in 2011, when we were researching and developing Bird with boy with Jo Timmins.

Dusk Ahead at Kilkenny Arts Festival 2013

Our new production Dusk Ahead will premiere at Kilkenny Arts Festival in August 2013 and Dublin Theatre Festival in October 2013. You can book tickets here
Kilkenny Arts Festival performance dates and times at The Watergate Theatre:
Saturday August 10th at 9pm
Sunday August 11th at 6pm
Monday August 12th at 8pm
Dusk Ahead is commissioned by Kilkenny Arts Festival to mark its 40th Festival. Co-produced with Kilkenny Arts Festival and Project Arts Centre and supported by The Arts Council, Dublin City Council, Dance City Newcastle and Dance Ireland.

The Falling Song at Belfast Festival 2012

The Falling Song performed at Ulster Bank Belfast Festival at Queens on October 23-24th at The MAC.
Tickets: www.belfastfestival.com
Performance times: Tuesday October 23rd & Wednesday October 24th at 7.45pm
Location: MAC Theatre, 10 Exchange Street, Belfast

Bird with Boy at Dublin Theatre Festival 2012

Bird with boy performed at Dublin Theatre Festival 2012 from October 4th - October 7th at 6pm and 9pm daily.
Bird with boy is performed in a crumbling old house on Henrietta Street for DTF. Go to 'video' to watch the Bird with boy promo.

To find out more go to: www.dublintheatrefestival.com

Sky Arts Documentary

Watch 8 minutes of the Sky Arts documentary on the process of The Falling Song at Dublin Dance Festival 2012 here:
The 25 minute documentary is regularly aired on Sky Arts 2 in HD, check their website for times.

Five Ways to Drown National Tour

Five Ways to Drown is back after great acclaim at Dublin Dance Festival 2010. Touring throughout Ireland in June 2012, catch us along the way.

Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford
Thursday June 7th - www.garterlane.ie
Town Hall Theatre, Galway
Thursday June 14th - www.tht.ie

Backstage Theatre, Longford
Saturday June 16th - www.backstage.ie

Droichead Arts Centre, Drogheda
Tuesday June 19th - www.droichead.com

Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire
Thursday June 28th - www.paviliontheatre.ie
  • The living room strewn on the front garden for all to see. Five Ways to Drown looks into the interior of peoples’ lives and exposes the sadness, the absurdity and the banality through vignettes of dance and installation. In this public display of the private, the choreography of everyday life becomes extraordinary. Continuing junk ensemble’s explorations of how spaces can be reinvented, Five Ways to Drown creates a different perspective on live performance.
  • Choreography and Creation: Megan Kennedy, Jessica Kennedy
    Performers: Joshua Dyson, Eddie Kay, Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy, Ingrid Nachstern
    Visual and Lighting Design: Aedín Cosgrove
    Sound Composition: Denis Clohessy
    Costume Design: Catherine Fay
    Video Design: Kilian Waters
    Producer: Richard Wakely

    Press on Five Ways to Drown
    ‘Genius… extraordinary… mesmerising… fantastically liberating… superbly attained dancers’ The View, RTE Television
    ‘Absorbing and affecting - a fitting opener to this year’s Dublin Dance Festival’ The Irish Times
    ‘It's rare to wish that something wasn't over when the lights come up, and this was that very rare thing indeed’ The Evening Herald
    ‘Talented identical twins Megan and Jessica Kennedy have created a magical inside/outside world full of inter-generational musings, melancholy moments, offbeat humour and imagination.’ Irish Independent

    Supported by an Arts Council Touring and Dissemination Award.

Sky Arts Documentary

We are delighted to be in a new documentary by Sky Arts featuring two dance companies from Ireland. In collaboration with Dublin Dance Festival, the process of The Falling Song and junk ensemble's history will be televised globally from May 2012 until May 2013 on Sky TV.

Watch the trailer here: 

The Falling Song at Dublin Dance Festival 2012

The world premiere of The Falling Song will be presented at Dublin Dance Festival 2012.

Performed by an international all male cast and a live children’s choir, The Falling Song looks at the nature of flying and falling and the dangerous relationship between the two. Male physicality is pushed to the extremities to explore self-destruction, invincibility and failure. So quickly wings can be replaced by crutches.
Performances: Friday May 18th, Saturday May 19th at 8pm & Sunday May 20th at 6pm
Venue: Project Arts Centre, Space Upstairs
Tickets: www.dublindancefestival.ie / (01) 679 0524
The Falling Song is supported by The Irish Arts Council and Dublin City Council. junk ensemble are part of Project Catalyst, Project Arts Centre’s Associate Artist scheme.

Tate Performance Installation - Sometimes we break

junk ensemble have been commissioned by the Tate to create a performance installation titled Sometimes we break as the culmination of the company's residency at Tate Britain, London. Moving through different areas of the gallery with live music and performance punctuating the space, junk ensemble explored the ideas of parts to a whole, interruptions, missing parts, and blank white spaces. 
During the residency at Tate, junk ensemble worked with dance artists Delphine Gaborit and Carl Harrison, composer Tom Lane, and Jo Timmins and Valerie Reid on design. This event is free and unticketed.
Date: Friday February 17th
Time: 11am - 3pm with performances at 11am, 12pm, 1pm and 2pm. 
Performance duration: 30 minutes
Location: Tate Britain, Millbank, London.

Culture Ireland delegation to APAP, NYC

Junk Ensemble has been selected to attend the Association of Performing Arts Presenters Conference (APAP) as part of Culture Ireland's delegation. The conference is held in New York City from January 6th-10th, 2012.

Residency at Tate Modern/Britain

We are pleased to announce that junk ensemble will be in residence at Tate Modern and Tate Britain in early 2012 with a performance installation on February 17th.

Best Production Award

Bird with Boy was awarded Best Production at the ABSOLUT Fringe Awards 2011. 

Bird with Boy was also nominated for Best Design and Best Female Performer (Liv O'Donoghue).

Bird with Boy at ABSOLUT Fringe 2011

junk ensemble were recently in residence at Dance Ireland, Dublin and Dance City in Newcastle upon Tyne, working on Bird with boy, performed in Kilmainham Jail as part of ABSOLUT Fringe 2011. 

Performances: September 12th - September 20th,  at 7.30pm.
Location: Kilmainham Jail, Inchicore Road, Dublin 8.
Tickets: euro14 / concession euro12 / preview euro10
www.fringefest.com / 1850 374 643

New England Foundation for the Arts Dance Conference

junk ensemble attended the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) Dance Conference and Festival. This was held in Boston and Vermont in early June.

APAP Conference 2011 in New York City

Junk Ensemble will attend the Association of Performing Arts Presenters Conference (APAP) in New York City in January 2011 as part of Culture Ireland's delegation. APAP takes place annually as part of Culture Ireland's strategic arts initiative to showcase Irish arts in the United States in 2011.

Aix-en-Provence Commissed Choreography

junk ensemble were commissioned to make a new work in July 2010 in Aix-en-Provence, France as part of Une Nuit Sans Opera Festival.

Pygmalian ReVisited is an original collaboration between two architects, two sound designers, and junk ensemble taking the story of Pygmalion as its starting point. The performance occured in Cézanne's Atelier and surrounding gardens at dusk.

Performance dates: Friday July 9th + Saturday July 10th at 8pm in Cezanne's Atelier, Aix-en-Provence.

Information and Tickets: www.sobha.fr

Five Ways to Drown at Dublin Dance Festival

Both performances of Five Ways to Drown sold out so an extra show was added at 2pm on Sunday May 9th.
See 'press' for reviews.

The living room strewn on the front garden for all to see.

junk ensemble's world premier of Five Ways to Drown performed on Saturday May 8 & Sunday May 9 at Project Arts Centre at 8pm.

Choreographed and created by: junk ensemble
Producer: Richard Wakely
Visual and Lighting Design: Aedín Cosgrove
Sound Composition: Denis Clohessy
Costume Design: Catherine Fay
Video Design: Kilian Waters

Performers: Lee Clayden, Joshua Dyson, Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy, Mary O'Connor

www.dublindancefestival.ie / +353 1 672 8815

Commissioned by Dublin Dance Festival 2010 and supported by The Arts Council, Dublin City Council, Project Arts Centre and Dance Ireland.

See 'productions' for more details and 'press' for reviews.